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Mysteries and Thrillers

Rooted in the tradition of noir storytelling, dark, self-destructive and inappropriate.


Mason Prophet Long watches from behind the wheel of a taxi as an evening storm thunders down the beach. Alcohol and drug abuse has forged a crack in his personal paradise, a chasm that grows bigger each day. Fueled by the bar scene of Sunset Beach, Mason finds himself weaving a soap opera of relationships that suffer badly from his happy depravity.

When he finds his eight o'clock fare and friend Carmen dead in bed, strangled with blue-black-yellow-purple bruises around her throat, the crack widens. Drowning in alcoholic blackouts, Mason’s memory of the night of the murder remains dark, and police detective Kendyll Hall immediately makes him her number one suspect.

When an odd little man approaches Mason with knowledge that only the killer could know, and then disappears, Mason tries to hunt him down before the police can act on their suspicions. Unfortunately for Mason, no one else has actually seen this odd little man. Detective Hall is not buying his story, and the longer he searches: the more he remembers, the more he questions his own sanity.

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Subs: Horror, Addiction

A slightly supernatural, but mostly off-the-wall mystery rich in Florida history.

The Sand Dollar Club: A Professor Rap Mystery

For over a hundred years, three people have disappeared every nine years in June around a small island in Tampa Bay. To date, no one has noticed. When a local fisherman disappears from that same small island in June, the only clue is a small medieval statue at the bottom of an old, broken treasure chest. The beautiful, bejeweled statue wears the face of a woman, but has the body of a man.

The next morning, marine scientist Mary Ryan is skating the old Gandy Bridge on her roller blades when she is attacked by a shadowy figure, both half woman and half man. Detective James Allen’s hands are tied when Mary Ryan seeks his help, so he enlists the aid of Professor of Anthropology Dennis RAP Rapski.

Rap is brought in to identify the statue and to help with the investigation. Someone or something is playing deadly games with the people of St. Petersburg. Detective Allen decides to play matchmaker, in this case sending the good professor to help Ryan. Professor Rap and Ryan embark upon a high stakes game of life and death, where only they can save themselves.

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Subs: Gods and Demons, Florida history, Humor, Technology, Mythology


Chet Stevens: Pen name for Chet Steven Lyskawa